What Are Nootropics?

: a natural or synthetic substance that may have a positive impact on cognition

Early History

The use of natural nootropics date all the way back to Ayurvedic medicine which was practiced by ancient Vedic societies. The foundation of Ayurvedic medicine lies within the belief that wellness depends on a delicate balance of mind, body and spirit. These societies found that herbs and plant extracts seemed to provide mental clarity and focus. For example, in India and China, the plant Gota Kolu was traditionally used to support mood, memory and cognitive function. These societies referred to Gota Kolu as the “student’s herb” as the term “nootropic” wasn’t coined until the 1960’s. Another staple of Ayurvedic medicine is the plant Bacopa Monnieri, which doctors referred to as a “rejuvenator of the intellect.”

Modern Times

The era of modern day Nootropics began in the early 1960’s at the hand of Dr. Corneliu Giurgea. Dr. Giurgea and his team set out to create a sleep aide drug, but their results yielded unexpected findings. It appeared that the drug they had created, piracetam, did not have an effect on sleep but instead appeared to have an impact on higher brain functions such as learning and memory. After posting his study, word got out to other researchers around the world who found this to be a topic of great intrigue. Shortly after Giurgea’s study was released, scientists began conducting studies on the effects of piracetum on patients with severe head trauma and cognitive illness. In the coming years, Giurgea received reports from Finland that concussion patients treated with piracetum claimed to think more clearly. While, a study conducted in a Brussels found that piracetum seemed to make Parkinson patients more aware of their illness and of their surroundings. As more data was collected on the effects of piracetum, Dr. Girugea concluded that this class of molecules “appears to have a selective activity upon the higher-integrative mechanisms of the brain.” His guidance to fellow researchers moving forward was to find news drugs capable of enhancing cognitive activity to compensate for natural defects such as aging.

Since Dr. Girugea’s findings, the nootropic industry has taken off. With an endless number of supplements on the market, consumers have the ability to invest in products best suited for them. We provide information and access to the most proven natural nootropics, who’s origins date back 1,000s of years. Many synthetic nootropics have endless ingredient lists and are often overpriced for no good reason. We believe the best place to start when it comes to improving your mind, are with natural products that are proven to deliver.

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